flex shelf

At first glance, you find beauty; at second glance, you find everything. FLEX offers the ideal frame for those wishing to compose their own individual and aesthetic principle of order. That’s why FLEX provides finished shelves with a fixed partition – which you can use and combine as you please. Alternate the various shelf elements and add other prepared elements to establish an exciting basic structure which you can use creatively. Insert boxes to contribute to a look which is more on the calm side or one which is a bit wilder. In the front-flush version they have a harmonizing effect. They can also be placed so that they protrude out of the shelving unit to two different degrees. Ideally, in the case of extensive shelving units, the result is an extraordinary look with rhythmically divided fronts, a look which remains fascinating even after years have gone by. And another special feature: FLEX can also be mounted on the wall.