Great objects - „Made in Germany“
Piure GmbH is a German family business based in Poppenhausen, nestled in the picturesque Rhön landscape, just 16 km from Fulda and within the Rhön UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Here we develop, produce and market high-quality system furniture according to the claim „Made in Germany“.
More Design
Our claim is furniture with a subtle touch of luxury and timeless beauty, characterised by its material and processing refinement, elegant proportions and clear lines. In a nutshell: Minimalism, elegance and functionality in design are our values. We invite you to furnish your home with our furniture and experience the timeless elegance and quality that characterises our brand.
More sustainable product quality
Management and owners share a passion for radically high quality with the employees. Craftsmen and experts carefully oversee every step of production to ensure that each piece of furniture meets the highest standards of design, durability and aesthetics. To ensure product safety, we only use certified materials that are free of harmful substances and are mainly manufactured in Germany or sourced from close
neighbouring European countries.
More responsibility
As a German family business, we bear responsibility for the environment, our employees and society. We are guided by a basic ecological orientation.